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Is Your Condominium or Apartment Garage Electric Vehicle Ready?

Attention Property Managers and Association Leaders

The number of electric vehicles within your community’s garage spaces is expected to grow 20-30% per year for the next eight years. Are you ready to meet your residents’ electric vehicle charging needs?

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Our electric vehicle charging consultants will develop and implement a comprehensive plan that covers your community’s short-, mid- and long-term electric vehicle power and charging needs. Condominiums, apartments, townhomes, senior living and more.


Phase 1. Planning covers everything from an introduction to electric vehicle basics and trends to building electrical capacity studies, charging bay location recommendations, security and parking policy changes, projected costs and ROI, project timelines and more.


Phase 2. We’ve got the build process covered with full coordination on electrical plan design, garage specifications, contractor and equipment selection, and full-on project management. It’s the complete package, designed to keep your workload at a minimum.


Phase 3. We don’t stop after the build is complete. Our ongoing support management includes services like charging station usage reports, charging rate recommendations and long-term planning and budgeting for maintenance and upgrades.

The electric vehicle revolution is HERE, NOW!

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Minnesota’s Electric Vehicle Charging Station and Power Requirement Consultants

In Minnesota, the need for electric vehicle charging stations will only continue to grow as demand increases. Forecasters expect very strong growth within the electric vehicle market, with the number of electric-powered vehicles growing from 1% to 20-30% per year by 2030.

To meet this demand, and to stay competitive, landlords, building owners and property managers should be looking to install fast-charging electric vehicle stations now.

Where and How to Begin

Start by contacting EzGoEV today. Our comprehensive consulting approach addresses every aspect of the multifamily housing electric vehicle charging station landscape, from initial planning (including power requirements and infrastructure), to build out and installation, to ongoing management.


A comprehensive Data Analysis/Solutions Report covering:

  • Electric vehicle 101 education, including trends and business models (cost recovery vs. profit)
  • Building electrical capacity study — identifying short-, medium- and long-term needs
  • Recommendations for charging station bay counts, locations and optimal layouts
  • Recommendations for new security measures, parking policies, charging schedules and more
  • Projected costs and ROI
  • Recommendations for loan or assessment options
  • Identifying opportunities for government-related funding or incentives
  • Agreement on consulting fees, scope of work and project timeline


  • Electrical design
  • Garage specifications
  • Contractor and vendor selection
  • Equipment selection
  • Project management


  • Usage reports
  • Ongoing charging rate recommendations
  • Long-term budgeting for upgrades, maintenance
  • System admin consulting
  • Warranty work
  • Phone app recommendations and consulting

Key Minnesota Electric Vehicle Stats

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